[PhD] Oferta de 2 becas predoctorales en Fisica, UB

Nos llega información sobre dos becas predoctorales en física en la universidad de Barcelona, os adjuntamos la información al completo:

    Institución:Dept. ECM, Fac. de Física, Univ. de Barcelona
Contacto correo-e:ortin(at)ecm.ub.edu

The ECM department of the UB offers 2 PhD scholarships in Physics

As part of the announcement of 2 PhD scholarships in the department  ECM, at the Faculty of Physics of the UB, the group of Prof. Jordi Ortín offers the supervision of a PhD thesis in one of the following lines of research:

· Dynamics of fluids in disordered media
· Hydrodynamics of complex fluids

If you are interested, please write me at the address: ortin(at)ecm.ub.edu

Requirements for candidates

· Be enrolled in a doctoral program at the time of signing the contract and throughout its term.
· Have a 6.50 or higher grade in the academic record of your undergraduate studies (Physics or Engineering).

Duration and Remuneration

· Maximum duration of 36 months.
· Remuneration of 1.173.00 euros/month during the period of contract, for 14 months/year.
· Exemption from paying fees of direction, supervision and ongoing evaluation of the thesis.
· Financial support for short research stays in Spain and abroad.


· Full time studies and research work leading to the award of a doctorate degree.
· Participation in the teaching duties of the department, up to a maximum  of 60 hours per year.

Deadline for submission of the application form
From September 10, to 13 pm Oct. 2, 2014.


Información complementaria de la oferta:
Full details


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