PhD Position in Computational Generation of Expressive Voice

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Dentro del Grupo de investigación de Tecnologías Media (GTM) de La Salle – Universidad Ramon Llull hemos abierto una nueva posición para incorporar a un estudiante de doctorado en el ámbito de la generación numérica de voz expresiva.
PhD Position in Computational Generation of Expressive Voice
Announcement: The Research Group on Media Technologies (GTM, at La Salle Campus Barcelona, Universitat Ramon Llull, offers a three-year PhD position on the computational production of expressive voice.
Description of work: The physics of voice is tremendously intricate involving complex interactions between laminar and turbulent airflow; vibrating, deforming, colliding elastic solids; and sound waves resonating in a contorting duct. Numerical methods, and in particular the finite element method, have allowed one to simulate with precision many of these phenomena, and to numerically produce some voice sounds. Yet the generated voice is very neutral, lacking of expressivity. The candidate is expected to perform research linking voice expressivity effects, extracted from signal processing techniques, with physical and geometric data of parametric and computational models of the glottal aerodynamics, vocal folds self-oscillations and vocal tract shape. The final goal is to improve the quality of the numerical production of voice.
Candidate background: The candidate should preferably have a BSc degree in mechanical or telecommunications engineering, mathematics, physics, or computer science, and a MSc. in acoustics, mechanics or signal processing. Strong motivation, outstanding curriculum vitae, team working, good programming skills and fluent spoken and written English will be highly appreciated.
Application form: The candidate should send an e-mail in English to or to with a brief description of the applicant particular merits to get the position, a CV and at least one recommendation letter.
Note: The PhD candidate shall preferably be a European Community citizen and is expected to start as soon as possible.
Profs. Francesc Alías and Oriol Guasch
Department of Engineering, La Salle, Universitat Ramon Llull.
Tel: +34 93 290 24 40 / +34 93 290 24 76.