Welcome to the web site of the Wireless and Multimedia Networking Lab of the University of Granada. This group is formed from people of the Department of Signal Theory, Communications and Telematics at the University of Granada. Take a look to our research, that is focused on:

  • Broadband Wireless Networks
  • Data Distribution Service and Pub/Sub paradigm
  • Quality Of Experience
  • Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Cloud computing
  • P2P-based architectures, RELOAD

    The team has been awarded with the Best Paper of 2013 award of the Transactions and Emerging Telecommunications journal!

    The team has been granted two GENIL projects (PYR-2014-18 "Virtualization of base stations for 5G mobile commmunications" and PYR-2014-20 "Future multimedia networks based on SDN and quality of exprience")!

    The team has been granted project TIN2013-46223-P (subprogram TIN) of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, titled "Architecture for 5G mobile communications based on Software Defined Networks"!