Pedro García Teodoro

Phone number
+34 958242305
+34 958240831
Office 2-18
Dpt. of Signal Theory, Telematics and Communications
School of Computer Science and Telecomnunications
C/ Periodista Daniel Saucedo Aranda, s/n
18071-Granada (Spain)
Pedro García Teodoro


I am currently a Full Professor at the University of Granada (UGR).

Dr. in Physics (specialty in electronics), my current teaching and research work is in the area of Telematics Engineering, at the Department of Signal Theory, Telematics and Communications (DTSTC) of the UGR.

My focus of interest is on network security (intrusion detection and response, DoS attacks, botnets, digital fraud, …). In this respect, I am currently the head of the research groups NESG (Network Engineering & Security Group, TIC-233 Andalucian Gouverment) and UCyS (UGR Cyber Security Group). I am also the Director of the Master in Cyber Security of the UGR (MPCS-UGR). Moreover, I am a member (and treasurer) of the National Excellence Network in Research on Cybersecurity (RENIC).

In July 2017 I was elected President of the Board of Telecommunications Engineering of the UGR, this way being the academic head of Bsc. in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering and the Msc. in Telecommunications Engineering of this university.

Some milestones in my career at the University of Granada are:

  • I finished my studies in Physics (speciality of Electronics) at the UGR in 1989.
  • The same year I received a grant of Fujitsu España to work on speech coding at the Dpt. of Electronics and Computers Technology.
  • In 1990 I received a grant of IBM España to work on automatic speech recognition.
  • Focused my initial research interest on speech recognition, I did my dissertation in 1991 and my PhD in 1996 with the Thesis entitled Continuous Speech Recognition with MVQHMM Tecniques.
  • My teaching work was initiated during the academic year 1990/1991 at the section of the Dpt. of Electronics and Computers Technology in Almería.
  • Since then until 1999 I was an Assistant Professor in the area of Electronics.
  • I am an Associate Professor of the UGR since 1999. Firstly, in the area of Signal Theory and Communications, and after that in the area of Telematics Engineering.
  • After the creation of the DTSTC in 2004/2005, I became the Secretary from May 2006 to March 2011.
  • Since then until February 2015 I've been the Head of the DTSTC.
  • I am a Full Professor in Telematics Engineering since November 2011.
  • Additionally to the above, I am dealing with several management tasks in the UGR: teaching and research committes, advisoring positions, etc.